Week 1 (Aug 22nd - Aug 28th)

Waffle Day!

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close Waffle Day!

Have you just arrived in Uppsala, are you full of impressions and eager to meet new people? Our Waffle Day will be a great opportunity to get answers to your burning questions while making new friends and eating delicious waffles! You can look forward to a lot of waffles, drinks, but most importantly, you will meet other international students as well as the MER buddies!

Time: August 23rd, 11:00

Location: Outside Uthgård

Registration form:


-Bring a comfortable blanket to sit on and coats for the cold or rainy weather. :-)

A Day with UppX

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close A Day with UppX

Are you a big fan of outdoor activities? Are you an extreme sports lover? We have something for you, UppX, Uppsala extreme sports association. They are a group of professionals who organize wonderful outdoor activities for Uppsala students! This time, we are going to have a picnic and try out some sports (slackline, frisbee, bränboll, or kubb)! If you are a sports lover or are interested in extreme sports, feel free to join us on August 25th!

Time: August 25th, starting from 15:00

Location: Flogstaparken (near the volleyball court)

Registration form:


-Bring your blanket to sit on and probably coats for the cold weather. Take your water bottle with you :-)

Pub night!

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close Pub night!

Have you been to nations before? It is super nice to go to nations and have burgers with a glass of beer after school. We in MER and buddies are offering a great opportunity to hang out with us at nations! Join us to get to know the student life and get a proper feel of the nation vibe!

Time: August 27th, 17:30

Location: Uppsala University Main Building (Google Map)

Sign-up form:


-Bring your nation card (or the temporary one you got at Segerstedhuset), ID, and a Vise/Mastercard card to buy a beer and/or burgers (most nations don’t take cash)

-Because of the current COVID restrictions, please sign up so that we can estimate the number and we may go to one nation together or split up in groups, go to different nations, and meet again later!

Second Hand Shopping

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close Second Hand Shopping

Problems with fitting all your stuff into your suitcases? Shortage on thick winter sweaters for the infamously cold Swedish winter? No worries! During this event, we will show you a number of second-hand shops around Uppsala, where you can buy everything you need! You can invite up to 3 friends to form a group of max. 4 people and you will be sent on a secret mission to some of the shops. Whichever group is the most successful, wins a special prize! To discover, what your mission will encompass, check our social media and your e-mail on the day of the event!

Time: August 28th, 11:00

Location: second-hand shops around central Uppsala, we will send you a map by email

Registration form:


-Bring your own shopping bags and phone with Internet connection!

Week 2 (Aug 29th - Sep 4th)

Picnic with BAS

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close Picnic with BAS

Come and enjoy the last few days of the summer! Together with the BAS reception, we are going to have a picnic day! During the event, We are going to have a tournament, and the final prize is 5 goodie bags with a free month at gym Campus 1477.

Time: August 29th, 14:30

Location: Hospitalsparken (Google maps)

Registration form:


-Bring your own food, warm clothes, and a good mood!

-Bring your food, like sausages, chips, and soft drinks!

City Rally

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close City Rally

Are you new to Uppsala? Do you want to make new friends? We will organize a city rally on the 31st of August where you can learn about the city while having a lot of fun! This event will start at 2 pm and end at Gotlands park and take about 1 to 2 hours. You can join with your friends and solve the puzzles we give you together or sign up alone and use this as an opportunity to make new friends while walking around Uppsala and solving riddles.

Time: August 31st, starting times ranging from 14:00 to 16:30

Location: Gotlandsparken (Google map)

Sign-up form:


-Bring your sunglasses and wear sunscreen.

-Bring coats in case of cold or rainy weather.

-Taking a pen with you

Section day

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close Section day

Do you know anything about sections in UTN? We are going to invite all sections in UTN. They will introduce themselves in front of you. Come to our section day, get to know the sections and UTN, and hang out with your section guys! They will show you the most wonderful student life in Uppsala!

Time: September 3rd, 1300

Location: mässan, polacksbacken (Mazemap)

Registration form:


E section: Master of Science in Renewable Electricity Production, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

I section: Master Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management, and Master's Programme in Industrial Analytics;

IT section: Master of Science in Information Technology Engineering, Master of Science in Embedded Systems;

K section: Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and Master in Additive Manufacturing;

NVG section: Master of Science in Earth Sciences, Master of Science in Sustainable Development, Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences;

NVK section: Master of Science in Chemistry, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry;

W section: Master in Environmental and Water Engineering, Master in Water Engineering;

X section: Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering, Master of Science in Bio-informatics, Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology;

TECHNA: UTN's magazine, which has mixed content, both entertaining and informative, all created by students, for students.


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close Sittning

Do you remember the seated meal at the long tables in Harry Potter? We are going to have our sittning on September 3rd with BASers!

Time: September 3rd, 19:00

Location: A big white tent outside Ångströmlaboratoriet (Mazemap)

Registration: Please go to Uthgård on Monday between 14:00 and 17:30 to register your seat and pay for the ticket. We also sell tickets on Wednesday (September 1st) from 11:00 to 14:30. Remember to take CASH!!


-Ticket price: 60 SEK for UTN members, 80 SEK for non-UTN members.

-One person can pay for the ticket for another ONE person.

-If you are vegetarian, vegan, or you need lactose-free food, just let us know while registering. :-)

-Bring your validated ID that day

-Formal clothes are not necessary

-As we are going to serve alcohol, it is NOT allowed to bring alcohol yourself or take alcohol out of the tent