Good things to know

The Reception Rules

  • All activities are voluntary, no one should feel forced to participate in anything.
  • No one should ever feel forced to drink alcohol by anyone.
  • No bullying or humiliation.
  • Be nice and respectful towards everyone.
  • New students should not try to engage in romantic or sexual relations with the MER committee, buddies or volunteers.

Tips for new students

Campus Card

Get your campus card as soon as possible, you need it to enter the campus buildings and halls after 16-17.

Personal Number

You need a Swedish personal number for a lot of things if you will stay here for your masters. For instance you will need a BankID that is used for a lot of functions in our society. There will be a long queue to get your personal number, so apply for it as soon as possible.


As a student in Uppsala, the easiest and cheapest way to get around is on a bike. And it will be handy to have during the reception. The market of bikes is big in Uppsala so look out for bikes sold as second hand, but be careful with stolen bikes. Two locks is the mean amount of locks people use and look up rules for riding a bike; you don't want a ticket for not having lights on it!

An ugly bike might be less desirable to steal..


Bring ID when going to nations and the TD party tent.

Nations & Nation card

Fun places to be at. When you sign in to one of the student nations in Uppsala you will get a nation card. With the card you can then enter all the other nations!


MazeMap will be your friend to find your lectures in all campuses at Uppsala University.


You need a wristband to be in the TD party tent. You get one from the MER committee.


There's a lot of rules about alcohol in Sweden, and it's pricy. You cannot bring your own alcohol to the TD party tent during a party, pub or gasque/sittning. Neither can you bring alcohol inside the campuses.


Make sure to be prepared with food for the reception. We do not have the opportunity to provide you with food, but there is a store close by.