About UTN

You can find all information about our union, UTN at utn.se

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN) is the union for you that studies at the SciTech faculty at Uppsala University. If you’re an engineering or science student you should join your student union, UTN! Your student union is built on three pillars, maintaining student-educational interests, labour market connection and social activities.  

Maintaining student-educational interests
Surely you want your education to be the best of its kind in Sweden? Or maybe even the world? Without monitoring your education quality this is impossible, since it is the students who increases its quality. UTNs most important assignment is to work towards that your education has a higher quality, stronger connection to the industry and that you feel well while you study.
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Working life connection in the education
What do you want to become when you grow up? There isn’t many who knows these, even though they’ve already chosen their education. UTN works continuously with giving you the best insight in how your future work life may look like. We do this for example through career fairs, lunch lectures, company visits, working with strengthening your working life connection in the education and much more!
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Social events
During your first weeks at SciTech you were welcomed with a reception from UTN or your section, right? That’s just a taste of all the social events arranged by the union each year. Our aim is that your education is as good as possible and that you have a fun time studying. That is why the union arranges events like the River Rafting, Polhacks, pubs and a lot more.
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The foundation to the unions pillars and the whole organisation is the involved students. Without the commitments the students make the union can’t exist, which means that your education can’t evolve and your student life will be boring. That’s why the possibility is open for all UTN members the involve themselves in the union as, for example, a student representative, in a committee or in a work group. Do you want to help bearing the union on your shoulders?
Get involved!