Master & Exchange Reception (MER) is an event organized by the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science students. In summer 2021, our committee will welcome master and exchange students coming from all over the world to study at the faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University.

Are you a master or exchange student about to start your studies in Science or Engineering at UU? Then MER is an event just for you! We have prepared two weeks of fun activities, ranging from engaging competitions, which will make you acquainted with the beautiful city of Uppsala, to a relaxing barbecue, which will be a great opportunity to make new friends! In addition, we will organize information days, where you will get to know companies and student sections, which will make your life in Sweden easier and more enjoyable. Get to know all of our events in detail by clicking here!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to answer all your questions about the reception, student life, or moving to Sweden in general!

Our Channels

The channels we use to communicate with you is this webpage, our Facebook and our Instagram. We will update this webpage with even more information during the summer and our Facebook page will be updated daily during the reception.

If you want to contact us; write a message to our Facebook page or find our email addresses under "About us".

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